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Schools Poultry Competition - Entries Open

Royal Melbourne Show Schools Poultry CompetitionWhich came first…the chicken or the egg?

The RASV is proud to announce that this year's Royal Melbourne Show will feature the inaugural Schools Poultry Competition - a new initiative intended to help enrich schools' extra-curricular programs by engaging young minds with agriculture. It is also aimed at exposing students to the practise and responsibility of keeping animals while deepening their understanding of agricultural processes and where food comes from.

The Royal Melbourne Schools Poultry Competition will be broken into two areas:

1. The Schools Meat Bird Pairs Competition and
2. The School Egg Laying Competition.

Both programs will provide students with an insight into the poultry industry and provide a hands-on experience on caring for an animal.

Sounds eggs..cellent? For more detailed information or to register your interest in the competition please email the RASV at

NB: Schools must have housing for the birds and this space can be shared by other schools in your area.

Royal Melbourne Show Schools Poultry Competition

Schools Meat Bird Pairs Competition

The Schools Meat Bird Competition is focused on growing a batch of commercial meat bird chickens which will be supplied to your school. The trial takes place over a period of 35 days prior to the commencement of the Royal Melbourne Show.

Over the trial period records must be kept on the progress of the birds and records must contain:

1. Survivability – the number of day old chicks acquired and total mortality as a %
2. Average body weight (total body weight / number of birds)
3. Feed conversion – the total feed used (kg) and total body weight
4. Average age – The age of chicks from the commencement of the trial.

Schools Egg laying competition

The Schools Egg Laying Competition comprises three main elements:
1. Presentation of exhibits
2. Egg laying competition
3. Project competition

Presentation of exhibits

Schools will select their three best pullets for entry into the Competition. Representatives from the commercial egg laying industry will judge the birds according to the requirements of the egg laying industry.

Egg laying competition

Eggs will be collected each day for the first 10 days of Royal Melbourne Show and placed on display. The eggs will be judged on Monday, 29 September 2014 using current egg judging criteria. However, to encourage schools to select pure bred fowls for their project, the number of eggs produced will not be part of the awards assessment.

Project competition

A worksheet will be provided as a guideline for students to complete or create their own record of performance. Each project will be judged by an industry representative.

Register Your Interest or Learn More

If you are interested in receiving an information pack and entry form in the first week of Term 1 2014, email the program coordinator, Grant Coverdale at with the following information:

First Name:
School name:
Department Name within your school:
Preferred contact method for the information pack to be sent to; (ie e-mail, post or fax):