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Media Release: RASV announces innovative new dairy program

The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) has announced exciting new developments in its dairy program to stimulate further growth and help advance the Victorian dairy industry.

The revised program will see increased activity with RASV creating an innovative youth-focused competition schedule within the Royal Melbourne Show and greater collaboration with Australia’s premier dairy event, International Dairy Week (IDW).

“RASV is always looking for ways to improve our programs to create value for primary producers through competitions and valued events. We have taken long and considered thought, working closely with our Dairy Committee, taking feedback from exhibitors and partners into consideration, to create a new, robust program for producers that builds new opportunities for industry participants,” said Mark O’Sullivan, CEO, RASV.

A Dairy Heifer and Youth Classic Competition will replace the traditional in-milk Dairy Show comprising; (1) A Dairy Youth Handlers Classic, focusing on the best industry participants aged 21 years and under, and (2) an All Breeds Elite Dairy Heifer Show with dry heifers to the age of 24 months, as the centre pieces of the revised event.

Both competitions, planned to be held within the first week of the Royal Melbourne Show, will offer attractive prize money and award incentives, including the opportunity to showcase the Dairy industry to hundreds of thousands of Show attendees.

“The Royal Melbourne Show presents an incredible opportunity to showcase the best of the industry to the general public and often to people who may have no first-hand experience with agriculture,” said Mr O’Sullivan.

The partnership with IDW, held in Tatura in January, will include RASV’s support of the Industry Leader’s Breakfast (Wednesday 21 January 2015), featuring keynote speaker, Greg McNamara, Chairman Norco, and reaffirm the organisation’s commitment to supporting regional agricultural events.

“Focusing our resources on partnering with IDW is very important to us, because we know it is a highly valued event by dairy producers and to the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. We are thrilled to work with IDW as both organisations truly have the best interests of the industry at the forefront,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

RASV also announced that the Royal Melbourne Dairy Interbreed will be awarded at IDW from 2016, allowing exhibitors to take advantage of the national and international exposure the event attracts.

“As time goes on, some traditions change. With the future changes for the RASV I am very pleased to see the re-entry of a Dairy Exhibition at the Royal Melbourne Show. We at IDW are proud and pleased to be able to host the continuation of the prestigious Interbreed award of the RASV. As a long time exhibitor and devoted supporter of the Royal Melbourne Show I look forward to future developments,” said IDW Director, Brian Leslie.

Talks with IDW to identify further partnership activity will be ongoing, as RASV continues to bolster its support of Dairy across Victoria.

“It became apparent that the associated logistics, timing and rising costs to exhibitors of the existing program were unsustainable into the longer-term and were resulting in fewer numbers attending the Royal Melbourne Dairy Show. To ensure the longevity of the dairy program we are looking to change now whilst there is a strong focus on the industry,” said RASV Dairy Committee Chair, Jim Conroy.

Mr O’Sullivan said the inclusion of a dairy competition within the Royal Melbourne Show, presented great consumer exposure for the industry.

“As well as the new competitions, RASV is working through improved ways of demonstrating the dairy value chain to consumers through the important platform of the Royal Melbourne Show.”

Mr O’Sullivan explained the intent of re-shaping the program is to ensure RASV remains a positive champion for the Victorian Dairy Industry and in particular its traditional on-farm stakeholders, as well as presenting a compelling experience for Royal Melbourne Show patrons.

The changes to the program will be effective immediately with more information available over the coming months.

“We look forward to a solid future with the improved dairy program and the exciting prospects ahead for our industry participants.”

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