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The RASV is very proud of its heritage, and while the society looks to the future, it does so with a sound knowledge of its past. The heritage of the RASV informs most of its activities and ensures that it stands out as a unique part of Australian society.

Heritage can be tangible, in the form of objects such as trophies and historic artefacts, or intangible, such as the stories of those involved with the society and its activities. The collection of the stories is vital to bringing the history of an organisation to life, and the RASV is proud of its innovative oral history program that aims to capture the life of the society through the voices of those who played a major part of it.

The collection and interpretation of the RASV’s history and heritage is managed by its Heritage Committee and staff members. The committee oversees a unique collection of objects relating to the RASV that covers all facets of the society’s operations and all time periods. The Heritage Committee also manages the storage, distribution and maintenance of the coveted competition trophies. The RASV is always interested in considering donations of suitable items for the heritage collection.