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Why should I enter the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards (RMWA)?

There are many reasons to enter the RMWA, including:

•             The RMWA is Australia’s leading national wine awards, offering Exhibitors the opportunity to benchmark their wines against industry standards.

•             In reporting results to Exhibitors, exhibit scores are represented on distribution graphs (where there is sufficient data to do so) enabling Exhibitors to see how their wines rank against those of their peers.

•             Medal-winning Exhibitors will be provided with the RMWA Marketing & PR Tool Kit to assist with promoting their win and marketing their wines with a seal of quality.

•             Gold Medal-winning Exhibitors who have demonstrated consistency across three consecutive years (since 2015) with the same wine will be awarded a Consistency of Excellence Medal (see page 6 for details).

•             Medal-winning Exhibits will be promoted through the RMWA associated events, including at the Exhibitor & Trade Tasting on Friday 20 October.

•             Award-winning winemakers will have the opportunity to showcase their wines in the Winning Tastes Pavilion at the 2018 Royal Melbourne Show.


How do I enter the RMWA?

There are three simple steps to enter the RMWA:

1.            Read through the competition Entry Booklet and the categories you can enter product into;

2.            Complete the online entry process at and arrange payment for your entries, and

3.            Upon receiving confirmation of your entries and product delivery instructions, submit your Exhibits to RMWA for judging.


What happens after I enter my wines into the RMWA?

Once your entries have been processed, you will be emailed an Entry Acknowledgement.  You should check the details of this Acknowledgement carefully as this information will inform your Entry Confirmation, Classes and competition labels.  Changes or corrections should be emailed to without delay.  Once payment has been received and your entries have been verified as correct and accepted for entry into the RMWA you will receive by email an Entry Confirmation containing your labels in PDF format and instructions on how to submit your entries.  Please contact the Competition & Event Manager if you do not receive this email.

Should you still require clarafication on information pertaining to the 2017 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards, please view the Entry Booklet.