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Entry Prerequisites

To ensure that you have the best experience submitting your entries please ensure you have the considered the following and have any information required at hand:

  • You have read the Entry Booklet and are familiar with the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards 2017 Classes, eligibility requirements for trophies, and conditions of entry.
  • You have a valid email address. It is mandatory to provide an email address for online entry.
  • You have a RASV Login Id, which is your email address. This is required to initiate an online entry.  Previous RMWA exhibitors can use the email address provided to us in previous years and reset the password using the ‘Forgotten your password’ link.  Or as a first-time exhibitor you can use CREATE LOGIN to create and verify your Login Id/password combination.  
  • You certify that you have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) for the commercial entity on whose behalf you are entering the competition.
  • You have the minimum held stock quantities of each entered wine required to enter the RMWA.
  • You have read the RASV General Regulations and the Special Regulations for the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards and agree to be bound by them and to abide by all decisions of the RASV in relation to the competition.

Online payments can be made using Visa or Master Card. Please have your card ready to finalise your entry. On successful submission of your online entry you will receive an entry acknowledgement, which you should check carefully and a Tax Invoice.

For all queries, please contact us.