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Classes & Criteria

There are a total of 80 Classes in the 2017 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards competing for a total of 26 trophies including:
Trophy Eligible Classes
Best Vermouth 1
Best Sparkling 2 – 12
Best Riesling 13 – 15
Best Chardonnay 16 – 19
Best Semillon 20 – 22
Best Sauvignon Blanc or Blend of Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc 23 – 27
Best Single Varietal White
Not including Riesling, Chardonnay, Semillon or Sauvignon Blanc
28 – 32
Best White Blend
Not including Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc blends
33 – 34
Best Sweet White Wine 35 – 36
Best Rosé 37 – 38
Best Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Blend of Bordeaux Varieties 46 – 56
Best Single Varietal Red
Not including Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot
57 – 60
Best Grenache, Red Rhone Varietal or Blend of Red Rhone Varieties 61 – 63
Best Shiraz/Cabernet Blend 64 – 67
Best Red Blend
Not including Red Rhone or Shiraz/Cabernet blends
68 – 71
Best Mature Wine
Not including Vermouth, Sparkling, Sweet or Fortified classes
Whites 2011 & older, Reds 2010 & older

Best Organic or Biodynamic Wine
Not including Vermouth, Sweet or Fortified classes

2 - 34, 37 - 71

Consistency of Excellence Medal

Exhibits of the same label that have been awarded a Gold Medal at the RMWA for three consecutive years since 2015 will be awarded a Consistency of Excellence Medal. To be eligible, Exhibits need to have been submitted under the same label and in the same Category each year and to have achieved a Gold Medal consistently across three years. Exhibits need not be subsequent or sequential vintages.

Entry Criteria

  • There are minimum annual production volumes required for all wine entered into the RMWA – these vary between trophies and for some classes (fortified classes in particular) – you must check that your entry meets the applicable volume requirements.
  • A wine can only be entered once into the RMWA, with exception to wines also entered into Victorian Wines of Provenance Classes 79 and 80.
  • Exhibits must be entered in their correct class according to the wine’s varietal (e.g. Chardonnay), blend of varieties (e.g. Grenache, Red Rhone Varietal or Blend of Red Rhone Varieties) or wine type (e.g. sparkling, fortified, sweet wine), and the wine’s vintage (e.g. 2010).
  • Exhibits must be from a batch of finished bottled product.
  • The batch from which the sample for judging comes must have been bottled as part of a commercial bottling run, with the minimum required quantity having been bottled by the time of delivery, i.e. by Friday 30 September, 2016.
  • The lot or bottling batch number, as well as the bottling date of the submitted wine, must be provided during the online entry process (or on the paper entry form).
  • Entrants are responsible for ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of their entries.

Medal Criteria

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to wines that meet judging criteria. Trophies are awarded to the ‘best of the best’ in a particular class or group of classes.

Medals are awarded for the following points:
Gold - 95 to 100                                    
Silver - 90 to 94                                
Bronze - 85 to 89