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When do entries open and close?
Refer to the Schedule and Forms.
When is my breed being judged? When are my sheep scheduled to arrive?
See the Royal Melbourne Show Sheep Competition Timetable.
I’m bringing someone else’s sheep – whose name should the entry be under?
The entry form has a section to add contact details and a section for Registered Owner of the exhibits. All correspondence, including arrival information and passes, will be sent to the person listed as the contact. The exhibits will be listed in the Catalogue under the Registered Owner. If you are bringing a team of animals registered under different owners, a different entry form needs to be completed for each registered owner, even if the same person is bring all the animals.
Can I sleep on-site? Are there kitchen and bathroom facilities available?
Accommodation lockers are available, and are situated in the Horse Pavilion neighbouring the Weekly Times Livestock Pavilion. Limited accommodation lockers are available, and requests cannot always be met. It is recommended you try and arrange sharing a locker where possible. Exhibitors are not permitted to sleep in the Weekly Times Livestock Pavilion. Kitchen and bathroom facilities for exhibitors are provided, including fridges, freezers and stoves. There is a variety of restaurants and pubs in the area, and Coles is located within walking distance.