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Garryowen and Turnouts

Turnout classes are a long standing tradition of Horses in Action competition at the Royal Melbourne Show.

A traditional and strict judging criteria has been maintained around presentation, equipment, horse and rider to determine the best horse and rider combination.

Turnouts are judged on a point system with one judge assigned to one or more criteria.

The scale of points is:

Conformation and Soundness  (50 points)
Manners and Paces   (40 points)
Riding Ability     (50 points)
General Appearance (20 points)
Saddlery     (20 points)
Costume      (20 points)
Total:       200 points 





The mounted turnouts offered at the Royal Melbourne Show are:

Senior Turnouts:

The ‘Garryowen’ Equestrienne Turnout (18 years and over)
The ‘Esquire’ Equestrienne Turnout (18 years and over)
The ‘John Lithgow’ Equestrienne Turnout (18 – 25 years)

Intermediate Turnouts:

The ‘J. Pemberton’ Equestrian Turnout (12 – 14 years)
The ‘K.G Luke’ Equestrian Turnout (15 – 17 years)

Junior Turnouts:

Shetland Pony Turnout  (4 – 7 years)
Shetland Pony Turnout ( 8 – 10 years)
Pony Turnout over 12 hands (10 and 11 years)
Pony Turnout under 12 hands (4 – 6 years)
Pony Turnout 12.2 hands and under (7 – 9 years

Mounted Turnouts Information

The Mounted Turnouts Saddlery and Costume Guidelines and Workout information can be downloaded here at a later date.