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Entry Prerequisites

To ensure that you have the best experience submitting your 2018 Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show online entries please ensure you have done the following and have any information required at hand:

  • Read the 2018 Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show Schedule and familiarise yourself with the classes offered, eligibility requirements and key dates.  You can download a PDF copy of the 2018 Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show Schedule at Schedule and Forms.
  • Read and familiarised yourself with the Rules and Regulations that form the conditions of entry.  As the Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship is conducted under the General and Special Regulations of The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Limited (RASV) and the Rules and Regulations of DOGS Victoria it is important that you are familiar with both sets of Rules and Regulations. Alternatively, they may be inspected at the offices of the RASV or are available at   The Special Regulations override any General Regulations where a conflict occurs. A copy of the DOGS Victoria Rules and Regulations can be viewed on the DOGS Victoria website located at . Upon submission of an entry the Exhibitor agrees irrevocably to be bound by all applicable regulations, rules and conditions.

Documentation Checklist

Please ensure that you have all of the following information at your fingertips:

  • A valid email address.  You must have a valid email address for online entries.  Returning exhibitors can use the email address that was used in previous years and reset the password using the "Forgotten your password?" link on the logon page.  Or as a first-time exhibitor you can use CREATE LOGIN to create and verify your Login Id/Password combination.  Your RASV Login Id is your email address.
  • Your exhibit(s) registration papers.  Please ensure you have your Dog's 10 digit registration number which can be found on your Dog's registration paper(s).
  • Please ensure your RASV membership is paid before entering your exhibit(s), or pay for your membership in the same online transaction as your entry.
  • Obedience, Agility/Jumping and Agility Games exhibitors. Please ensure you have a Height at Shoulder or a Height Category as required.

Submitting Your Entries

All exhibits that have previously been entered in the Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show have been retained in the online entry system by RASV.

If your dog has gained its title between entering and commencement of the competition, you must update your dog's details with your State Controlling Body. RASV will then adjust the records prior to the competition commencement. 

If you wish to enter a Baby Puppy, you are now able to return to the online system and add your dog under your existing exhibitor details.

Once you have selected the class that you wish to enter, the system will automatically filter all dogs based on the applicable genders, you will then be able to select ‘New Dog’ or ‘Search for Dog’. When you select ‘Search for Dog’ you can search by name or registration number. Once you have found your dog(s), you will not need to provide any further details.

Placing Your Entries On Hold

To place your entries on HOLD until you are ready to finalise them, simply logout and return to complete and pay for your entries by the closing date.

Paying for Your Entries

When you are satisfied that you have entered all exhibits and that all of the details relating to those exhibits is correct you can pay your entry fees and lodge your entries.

Membership and entry fees can be submitted and paid for at the same time. The process is:

  • Login to the RASV website. Create a Login Id if necessary.
  • Choose the Membership menu and select 'Renew or Join'.
  • Follow the wizard steps to provide your details and select a Membership Type.
  • Add the membership to the Shopping Cart, but do not pay.
  • Return to the RASV Home page, and navigate to Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show Competition.
  • Follow the Enter Online wizard to submit your entries, and add to the Shopping Cart.
  • In the Shopping Cart you will have both your RASV Membership (if applicable) and Competition Entries, with the membership discounts applied.
  • Select Pay Now and complete payment for both in a single credit card transaction.

Online payments can only be made using Visa or MasterCard.  Please have your card ready to finalise your entries. On successful submission of your online entries you will receive an entry acknowledgement, which will list all of the entries that you have made complete with all details.  Ensure that you check the entry acknowledgement carefully.  A Tax Invoice will also be provided at the same time.  If you find any errors, you can return to the Enter Online wizard to correct them.

Benching Requests

Benching requests can only be made via the Benching Request Form and must be completed in full, then returned to the Dog Section, Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale, Vic, 3032 or email to

The RASV Dog Section endeavours to comply with all benching requests received however they are not guaranteed.


For all queries, please contact us.