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Classes & Criteria

Entry Criteria

  • All dogs entered must be registered with the relevant State Controlling Body
  • Only breeds recognised for conformation showing by the ANKC can enter
  • Age criteria (as listed below) need to be observed when entering a dog into a particular class


Read the full list of classes available at the Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show.

Conformation Classes and Age of Exhibits

Name of Class Age Range   DOGS – Class No      BITCHES – Class No   
Baby Puppy 3 and under 6 months Class 1 Class 1A
Minor Puppy 6 and under 9 months Class 2 Class 2A
Puppy 6 and under 12 months Class 3 Class 3A
Junior 9 and under 18 months Class 4 Class 4A
Intermediate 18 and under 36 months      Class 5 Class 5A
Australian Bred        6 months or over Class 10 Class 10A
Open 6 months or over Class 11 Class 11A


Breeders Group Class - (6 months or over)
4 exhibits are required.

All Breeds Sweepstakes Classes

Baby Puppy Sweepstakes BPS
Puppy Sweepstakes P01
Champion Sweepstakes CS1
Neutered Sweepstakes NS
Veterans Sweepstakes (7 years and over) VS1