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The Online Entry wizard will guide you through a series of simple steps to capture your information, receive your payment and provide acknowledgement of your entry.

You must be logged into the RASV website to initiate an online entry. Your RASV Login ID can be used to transact for Membership or any Competition on the RASV website and it will also provide access to key documents and information to assist your interactions with the RASV.

The steps to complete an online entry in simple terms are:-

  • Download and read the Schedule/Entry Booklet, review the Entry Prerequisites
  • Consider whether your Membership is up-to-date to be eligible for discounts.  Renew or Join a RASV Membership and place your Membership in the Shopping Cart.
  • Choose Enter Online and login to the RASV website, if not already
  • Provide the Name and Address details of the Exhibitor and any other specific details required by the competition
  • Select classes and provide details for each class entry
    • Nominate one of your own animals, create, or Search for an animal
    • If creating a new animal, provide the name - for Cattle only
    • Provide registration details for the Breed Authority and other organisations such as Breed Societies
    • Provide detailed animal information
    • Provide details of people who are part of the class entry such as paraders, handlers and riders
    • Provide further class entry information, if required by the competition
    • Confirm publication information
    • Upload any supporting documentation for the class entry
  • For the exhibitor, provide information on Facilities and logistical items required
  • Make any additional purchases, such as catalogues
  • Provide bank account information for prize money to be electronically transferred, if available in the competition
  • Accept the terms and conditions of entry
  • Review and confirm the details of your entry
  • When you consider your entry to be complete, add it to the Shopping Cart, and proceed to purchase and payment, or continue shopping

On completion, you will receive an Entry Acknowledgement and Tax Invoice by email. You can also view these documents in the My RASV Documents area whilst logged on. Explore the full functionality of My RASV by reading the My RASV Help.

You can continue to add entries for an exhibitor until entries have closed.  For example, you can create your first batch of class entries and pay for them.  Then return some time later to add and pay for an additional entry. You can do this an unlimited number of times.  You will always receive a cumulative Online Entry Acknowledgement for the Exhibitor, but the Tax Invoice will only cover the financial impact of the most recent transaction.

You can add your entries to the Shopping Cart as you go and then pay for them all with a single payment. This also means that you can submit entries for multiple exhibitors and pay just once.

When classes for the competition are closed you will not be able to make any further changes to your entry online.

General Navigation

Navigation through the wizard is handled by selecting the Next or Previous buttons at the bottom of each screen. Your data is saved with each step. Select Finish Later to complete a particular step of the wizard, and return to your entry later.

The lists presented require you to select an item, then choose Next to action that item. From a list you will be taken to a page where you can provide more details. If you do not select an item in a list, you will be taken to the next wizard step when you choose Next.

Some ‘details’ pages have actions such as delete or withdraw that will be taken when Next is chosen. These actions apply only to the item specified on the page.

You may delete entries before you have submitted them to the Shopping Cart, but once this has been done you must withdraw them from the competition. Withdrawals will be authorised by the RASV.  Refunds are at the discretion of the RASV.


The Login ID to the RASV is your email address. You must create a login before you can submit entries or transact online with the RASV. A single login will provide you with the ability to renew or join a RASV Membership, to enter multiple competitions and to retrieve information specific to yourself, plus a range of other personalised services.

A login can be used to manage information and transactions for other members of your family, your businesses or syndicates that you are a member of. As you create a membership for another person, or submit entries to a competition, these people will be added to your People I Manage list. You can contact the RASV to have other people added through an authorisation process.

You can use My RASV to manage the details of your login.

Renew or Join Membership

Membership and competition entry fees can be submitted and paid for at the same time.  Renew your membership, or join through the membership menu and placing it in the Shopping Cart before commencing your competition entry.  Just having the Membership in the Shopping Cart will make you eligible for any available competition discounts.

The process to purchase both your membership and competition entry together is:

  • Login to the RASV website, or be already logged in. Create a Login Id if necessary.
  • Choose the Membership menu and select 'Renew or Join'.
  • Follow the online wizard steps to provide your details and select a Membership Type that applies to you.
  • Add the membership to the Shopping Cart, but do not pay.
  • Return to the RASV Home page, and navigate to the competition home page, and choose Enter Online.
  • Follow the Enter Online wizard to submit your entries, and add to the Shopping Cart.
  • In the Shopping Cart you will have both your Membership and Competition Entries, with the membership discounts applied.
  • Select Pay Now and complete payment for both in a single credit card transaction.

Read the Membership Help for further details.

People you can manage

This list shows business accounts that your Login can submit transactions on behalf of. A business account with the RASV can be an Individual person, an ABN registered business or partnership, or a syndicate. Typically this list will include members of your family, yourself or any businesses that you may have interacted with the RASV on behalf of.

When submitting entries we encourage you to use one of these existing business accounts if it already exists. You will not have to re-enter any name and address details and we will also offer any known information as this account becomes an exhibitor in a particular competition.

Over time the business account will be able to reflect the number and history of competitions that it has entered.

If a suitable business account is not listed, then simply select New Exhibitor and create one.

Name and address details

Provide the name and address details of the exhibitor in the competition.

We require that an email address and one of the telephone number choices are provided for an online entry. A different mailing and physical (street) address can be provided by unticking the checkbox in the address block.

Tax behaviour information is required to assist us in paying prize money and in creating Tax Invoices. Please nominate the tax situation that correctly reflects the exhibitor.

Name and address information is captured in two styles, please choose the one that best matches the exhibitor.

  • For a person
  • For a Business/Partnership

'For a person' requires basic name and address information only.

'For a Business/Partnership' requires that you provide details of the business, as well as details of the primary contact person for the business.

You can choose from existing people or businesses managed by the login, or you can create a new business/contact person pair. You may also create a combination by selecting either New, or an existing name from the drop-down boxes provided.

Our objective is to not create duplicate records, so we encourage you to re-use either people or businesses already known to you to complete your entry. Selection of an existing person or Business/Partnership will immediately complete the details that we already know and save you time.

If you need to change the Business/Partnership Name, or change the name of the primary contact person then please contact the RASV. We treat this information as key for identification purposes and will make the change on your behalf.

Exhibitor details

On this page we collect information that helps describe the exhibitor, specific to this competition or year.  In some competitions or years, there may be no information to collect.

On progressing to this page you may be presented with a message informing you that entries already exist in the Shopping Cart for this exhibitor. By moving through the wizard again, your actions may change the detail and value of the shopping cart purchase. If this is not what you intended, select Finish Later and no changes will be made.

Select class

The Select Class list shows you all classes that you have commenced a competition entry in. Class entries can be in a range of progress states, from beginning (Incomplete), partially entered (In Progress) to fully paid (Completed).

Select Add a new class, and choose Next, to create a class entry.

Selection of any existing class entry and Next will allow you to edit the class entry. The list shows the status of each class entry as it moves through the various stages of entry, validation and payment. When classes have been closed, class entries will not be available for edit.

To delete or withdraw a class you must select it and go to the Class entry details , or the Class entry summary to confirm its deletion/withdrawal.

To move forward to the next step in the Enter Online Wizard make no selection, or select ‘I have completed all of my class entries’ and choose Next.

Entering a class

The steps to enter a class are summarised as:

  • Select the class that you want to enter
  • Select an animal to exhibit.  This can be an animal you have previously exhibited, a new one, or an animal that is already known to the RASV.
  • Provide an animal name - for Cattle only
  • Provide or confirm Registration details for the animal
  • Provide or confirm specific details about the animal. Examples include Sire, Dam, Date of Birth etc
  • Provide details of the person who may be part of the class entry, such as a parader, handler, or a rider
  • Provide specific details for the class entry
  • Confirm the class entry details for our publications
  • Upload any documents that are required to support the class entry

Not all steps will be shown for a class entry.  We only present those screens that are required to be completed for each class.  The Enter Online wizard will take you through these steps for each class entry.  On completion of a class entry, you will return to the Select Class list.  Continue around this loop to complete all of your class entries.

New class entry

Select a class that you want to enter by directly entering the Class Number, or by browsing the class structure and selecting a class.  The name of the class selected will be shown against the Class Number field so that you can confirm your selection.

Browse classes by expanding nodes of the class list using the small + buttons next to the level.  The – button will close the level.  Use the Expand All and Collapse All buttons to see all of the classes available, or to return the class list to a more manageable size.

Choose Next to move forward to the next step of the Enter Online wizard. Selection of the class in the browser does not automatically take you forward to the next screen.  This allows you to correct a wrong selection.

Class entry summary

The Class entry summary is used to provide a quick way to delete or withdraw a class entry.  It is presented on edit, and only if additional wizard steps for animals or competitor contacts would be displayed before you reached the class entry screen.

It will not be presented the first time through, add-mode, only on edit of the class entry information.

Review the summary animal, person and class entry information.  If you wish to delete or withdraw the class entry then check the ‘Delete/Withdraw this class entry’ tickbox and select Next.

If you wish to edit the details of this class entry, just select Next.

Select an animal to exhibit

To nominate an animal for entry into a class you may choose from three options.

  1. Animals That You Manage.
  2. Create a new animal
  3. Search for an animal, from a list of animals that are known to the RASV

If it is not necessary to nominate the exact animal entering the class, then you will be also offered a tickbox to indicate that ‘I don't know the specific animal that I will enter in the class at this time’.  The wizard will skip over the Animal Details step.

Select an animal or action option displayed, and choose Next to move forward to the next step.

Animals That You Manage are listed first, followed by the New and Search actions.  Animals That You Manage are animals that you have exhibited at RASV competitions in the current or previous competitions.  It is a combined list of animals for all people that you manage under your Login ID.  The animals listed are filtered by the gender that is appropriate to the class.  This means that not all of your animals may be shown.

The actions are displayed in a different colour to the Animals That You Manage listed.

You can Search for an animal using part of its Name, Registration Number or Breed Society code and Breed Society identification number.  The text that you provide will limit the results returned by the search.  The more information provided the more concise the search results will be.  Enter text and choose the Find button to initiate the search.  Use the Clear button to remove all search results so that you can start a new search.

The RASV maintains a list of animals that have been previously exhibited at RASV shows.  You can use the details of these animals to enter the competition.  Once you have paid for an animal in a competition, you are able to update all of its details.  Payment can have occurred in a previous competition, or in the current competition.  We do not maintain a concept of ‘ownership’, but record what RASV Login’s have paid for dealings with the animal, which represents a commitment towards that animal.

New animal

The steps to create a new animal are:

  • Enter the animal name.  This step is displayed for Cattle only.
  • Enter the Registration details for animal such as Breed Authority and Breed Society information
  • Enter the Animal’s details

We will perform a duplicate animal check, based on the name and date of birth details within the Breed Organisation.  You will receive an error message if we already have an animal with the same name and date of birth, within a Breed Society, recorded.  At this point you will have to cancel the class entry, and commence adding a new one, but using the Search for an animal function.  Locate the animal that is known to the RASV and use it.  Delete the incomplete class entry that you previously started.

Animal registration

The Animal Registration page is used to collect formal registration information for an animal.  This only needs to be recorded once for the animal.  We collect the Breed Authority registration, and one or multiple Breed Society memberships.

Breed Authority and Breed Society bodies are known as organisations. You can select, or create an organisation. to record the membership for your animal.  If a Breed Authority is not mandatory for the animal then it will not be presented.  Breed Society fields will be shown even if we do not strictly require it for the animal in this competition.

The Breed Authority organisation will be displayed if we must capture these registration details, and cannot be changed.  Enter the Breed Authority Registration Number.  It must be of a valid format and not already recorded by the RASV for another animal.  If you do not have registration number, then check the Registration Number Pending tickbox.  This information can be added to the animal later, when it is known.

To create a Breed Society membership, check the ‘Select to provide registration details for an additional organisation or Breed Society’ tickbox.  The page will expand to allow collection of the Organisation and the Registration Number of the animal.

In the Organisation field you may select an existing organisation, or create a New organisation for this animal.

If you have selected an existing Organisation, then just provide your Registration Number for that organisation.  If you do not know your Registration Number, then check the ‘Registration Number Pending’ tickbox.  This information can be added later when it is known.

If you selected to create a New Organisation then the page will expand to capture further information about that Organisation. If you do not know your Registration Number, then check the ‘Registration Number Pending’ tickbox.  This information can be added later when it is known.

Choose Add Registration to save the registration details.  They will then be displayed in the Breed Authority/Breed Society organisational list.

If you provide an Organisation and Registration Number combination that is already recorded at the RASV you will receive an error message informing you of the duplication.  You will not be able to proceed with this class entry if you are creating a new animal.  Return to the Class List and delete this class entry.  Recommence your entry by adding a new one, but use Search for Animal with the registration information you have.  You will then be simply able to use the existing animal for your class entry.

You may then check the ‘Select to provide registration details for an additional organisation or Breed Society’ tickbox to add another organisation.

When you have completed all of your registration details choose Next to move forward to the next step of the Enter Online wizard.

Animal details

The specific details for each animal type will vary.  Generally they will relate to gender, date of birth and parental details.  Enter all the details that you know, and choose Next to save.

If you have selected an existing animal that was known to the RASV, you may be unable to change some details until you have paid for the animal.  These fields will be read-only.  Fields that are blank can be added to, even if you have not paid for the animal.

If you provide an animal that has the same Name and Birthdate within a Registration Organisation that is already recorded at the RASV you will receive an error message informing you of the duplication.  You will not be able to proceed with this class entry if you are creating a new animal.  Return to the Class List and delete this class entry.  Recommence your entry by adding a new one, but use Search for Animal with the name that you used.  You will then be simply able to use the existing animal for your class entry.

Person/Competitor details

The Person/Competitor associated to a class entry is typically a Parader, Handler or Rider.  We collect name and contact information for these people.

On this page you can select an existing Person known to this login, or you may create a new one.  The list of people presented are those who are associated to your ‘People I Manage’ list in My RASV.  These will typically include yourself, your family and any other person that you have transacted with the RASV on behalf of.

In the Person/Parader/Competitor field, select an existing person, or select New. The person chosen’s details will be populated into the page.  If New is chosen, then you will be prompted to complete the name and contact details.

Choose Next to save and move to the next Enter Online Wizard step.

Class entry details

Provide specific details about your entry as required by the class. Different information can be collected for each class within the competition.  If no additional information is required for the class entry, simply choose Next.

You cannot change the class of an entry. You must delete it, and add a new entry.

To Delete or Withdraw a class entry, select the ‘Delete this class entry’ checkbox and choose Next.  ‘Withdraw this class entry’ will be offered when an entry has been paid for.

Class entry publication details

The name of the exhibitor and the class entry in the format that it will be shown in publications such as the Catalogue or Prize Certifications is displayed. This information is constructed from the information provided in the previous exhibitor and class entry screens.  If mis-spelt, please return to the appropriate pages to correct.  Returning forward through the wizard will preview any altered values.  In some cases, the Exhibitor name cannot be changed online.  You will need to contact the RASV by phone or email to have this information changed, as it is considered key to the identification of an exhibitor.

Upload documents

The Upload Documents page provides the ability to upload documents against specific document requests. Typical requests are for registration papers, birth certificates, artwork etc.

Against each request listed, browse for a file accessible by your computer or device.  Choose Next to commence the upload of all documents provided.  You may view an uploaded document by selecting the View Document/File link.

Uploaded documents cannot be removed, but they can be updated by uploading a different document against the request.  There is a maximum size of 5Mb allowed for each document.  Typical document types supported include PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, DOC, and DOCX.

User uploaded documents can also be viewed in the Documents menu of My RASV.


This page presents all Facilities that will be used, or are available to the Exhibitor, across all of the class entries.  This is a consolidated view for all of the animals that the Exhibitor is bringing to the competition.

The facilities are listed with the start and end day/time that they apply for.

Enter the quantity of the number of facilities that you want to use or purchase.  You cannot change the quantity to a value below the default quantity originally displayed.  The default quantity is the minimum number required to host people, equipment and animals at the competition for your class entries.

If a facility is purchased for a day, only the date will be displayed.  If the facility is offered for a fixed time, the time will be displayed.  If the exhibitor can nominate the starting and ending time for the use of a facility, then the date/time will be editable and the time can be nominated.

Additional products

Select any additional products that you wish to purchase.  The quantity that you provide on this page is extra to the base competition entry package.  Adjust the quantity from 0 to indicate the number of extra products that you wish to purchase.

Bank payee information

The Bank payee information page allows you to provide or update account details of a bank account that can be used by us to Direct Credit funds to you electronically.  These funds would typically be prize money.  Transferring money via direct credit is quicker and requires less administration for everyone concerned.

If you prefer to be paid prize money by cheque, please provide your Payee Name.  If this is not provided, cheques will be made out to your Exhibitor name.

This is not a Direct Debit authorisation, and we have no ability to deduct money from your account.

This page may not be displayed.  Collection of this information can be optional, and prize money may not be offered for the competition.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of your entry must be agreed to for each exhibitor or you cannot proceed with your entry. If you are unable to accept the Terms and Conditions outlined please contact the RASV.


The Confirmation page displays a summary of your entry. Showing who is submitting the entry and a list of classes entered and any products purchased.

Class entries will be grouped and summarised by the entry fees due.

The Confirmation will always show the full list of class entries for the exhibitor. It will display all active entries for the exhibitor, including those progressively added through discrete payment transactions. Withdrawn class entries will not be shown.

If this summary is not correct, move back through the wizard to make alterations. If correct, then move to the next step of the Enter Online wizard by choosing Next.

Entry complete

The Entry Complete page allows you to pause and consider what to do next with your transaction.  You may want to return to make changes;  you may be satisfied with your entry and wish to pay for it;  or the changes you made resulted in no payment being required.  If there are no fees or charges to pay, then your transaction is complete.  You may continue browsing the site.

If you added entries, and a payment is required you will be offered the Add to Cart button.  This will place the entry in the Shopping Cart.  You can then choose to pay it or continue shopping.  If you pay for it successfully you will be issued with an Entry Acknowledgement and a Tax Invoice.

If you just viewed your entry, or made informational changes that resulted in no financial impact such as choosing a free entry class, then you will be offered the Finished button.  Your entry is complete and there is no need to put it in the Shopping Cart.  An Entry Acknowledgement will be sent to you by email, allowing you to review your changes.

Choose Finish Later/Cancel to return to the mini-home page of the competition.

Shopping Cart

Your Purchases

The Shopping Cart will show a list of purchases initiated by the Login, grouped by the person/exhibitor. These can include memberships, competition entries and product purchases. It can include purchases for multiple members or exhibitors.

You can choose to hold specific purchases for later payment. On each purchase you may select Pay Now, or Defer Purchase, which will not include that particular purchase in the credit card transaction. The Total Payable will reflect the amount that you are committing to.

If a Membership item is included in the Shopping Cart along with Competition Items you will not be able to select Defer Purchase.  This is because a RASV Membership can attract competition discounts and must be paid for as a pair in a single transaction.

Once you have identified the purchases you wish to pay for, then choose Checkout to move to the payment processing step.

Credit Card Details

Provide your credit card details, and choose Pay to initiate the transaction. Only Visa and MasterCard credit cards are supported as payment methods.

Processing Payment

Do not press Back, the Backspace, or Refresh whilst the credit card transaction is processing.

You will be informed when your credit card transaction has been successfully completed. At this point an Online Entry Acknowledgement and Tax Invoice will be sent to you via email. You may also view these documents in My RASV.

Select Finished to return to the home page.