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Entry Prerequisites

To ensure that you have the best experience submitting your online entries please ensure you have done the following and have any information required at hand:
  • Read the Schedule and are familiar with the current Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show classes, eligibility requirements, and conditions of entry.
  • Have a valid email address. It is mandatory to provide an email address for online entries.
  • Have all appropriate documentation on hand, including but not limited to Alpaca Herd Health Declaration form and IAR number for each exhibit. When entering online you will be asked to upload images, or PDF copies of these documents. Please ensure that you have your documents prepared in these formats. If you are unable to upload supporting documents, you can post them to: Alpaca Section, RASV, Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale, VIC, 3032.
  • Have a RASV Login Id, which is your email address. This is required to initiate an online entry. As a first-time exhibitor use CREATE LOGIN to create and verify your Login Id/password combination.
  • You have read and understand the RASV General Regulations and the Special Regulations for the Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show and agree to be bound by them and to abide by all decisions of the RASV in relation to the competition.
Membership and entry fees can be submitted and paid for at the same time. The process is:
  • Login to the RASV website. Create a Login ID if necessary
  • Choose the Membership menu and select Renew or Join
  • Follow the wizard steps to provide your details and select a membership type. Add the membership to the Shopping Cart, but do not pay.
  • Return to the RASV Home page, and navigate to Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show competition
  • Follow the Enter Online Wizard to submit your Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show entries, and add to the Shopping Cart
  • In the Shopping Cart you will have both your Membership and Competition Entries, with the membership discounts applied
  • Select Pay Now and complete payment for both in a single credit card transaction

Online payments can be made using Visa or Master Card. Please have your card ready to finalise your entry.

On successful submission of your online entry you will receive an entry acknowledgement and a tax invoice, both of which should be checked carefully.

For all queries, please contact us.