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Classes & Criteria

The Awards recognise premium Australian products and produce across eight major categories, including:

  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Fresh Produce
  • Grains and Pulses
  • Pantry Goods and
  • Convenience Foods

The competition classes are listed under the category headings in the entry booklet. If you are unsure about the class your product can be entered into, please call the Event Manager Food on (03) 9281 7480.

Each class has judging criteria against which the exhibits are assessed. The criteria vary across the different categories but they focus on the sensory and the technical aspects of the product and its appearance (eg. taste, flavour, aroma, texture).


To be eligible for entry into the Australian Food Awards, entries must meet the following requirements:

  • To be eligible for an Australian Food Awards Trophy the Exhibit must be submitted by the Producer of the Exhibit entered. A brand owner or retailer may also enter an exhibit but ONLY if the Producer of the contracted product is listed. Trophy status will recognise the producer of the Exhibit on behalf of the retailer or brand owner.
  • The product being entered is a commercially available product
  • All entries should be as per a normal production run
  • Any individual product can only be entered once into the Australian Food Awards


To be eligible for AFA Best in Class Medals, or the Champion Australian Product/or Produce & Best Australian Organic Product Trophies the Exhibit can be submitted by either the producer or the retailer who has had the product produced under contract. The contract producer must be listed as part of the entry process.

Both the producer and the brand owner or retailer will be recognised in all official announcement of results by RASV, including announcements of class results and in the results catalogue.

Where a Trophy is awarded to an Exhibit which has been produced under contract, the Trophy will recognise the producer first and then the retailer or brand owner.

Exhibits that have been made under contract are not eligible for the Champion Small, Medium or Large Producer Awards.


1. Exhibitors entering product which has been contract produced for them.

As the brand owner or brand retailer (eg. Supermarket chain or franchise) entering product which has been manufactured under contract by a producer, you need to ensure that you create an account in your name. You will need to acknowledge who your contract producer is on your class entry form by providing the name and contact details.

2. Contract producer entering product which has been produced under contract for another company.

A contract producer entering a food product which has been produced for another company needs to establish the account in their company name and complete the ‘Exhibited on behalf of’ field. You will need to provide detailed contact information on the company on whose behalf you have produced the product.

If you are entering food products on your own behalf as well as for a company for whom you are contract producing, you will need to establish two separate accounts. One account will be in your name for your entries. A separate account will need to be created as per the above instructions for the entries which you have contract produced for a brand owner/ retailer. Please note an Exhibit can only be entered once by either the producer or manufacturer/contractor.