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What happens after I have submitted my entry?
Once applications for entry have been processed, you will be sent an Exhibitor Confirmation Pack containing details of what information you need to include  with your exhibit. The pack will also include instructions for delivery.
How many entries can I submit into each class?
There is a maximum of 5 entries per class permitted.  A coffee can be entered into multiple categories (Espresso, Milk Based or Filter).
Do I need to send my exhibits before the 'Entries Close' date?
No, you must only initially submit your entry online. The delivery date and delivery instructions are provided with your Exhibitor Confirmation Pack which is sent once all entries have been processed.
Do I need to submit green beans?
No, there is no requirement for green beans in the AICA.
Can I attend the judging?
No, judging of the Australian International Coffee Awards is closed to the public.
When are the results available?
Individual exhibitor and class results announcing the medal winners will be released within three days of the completion of judging.
Trophy winners will be announced at the Australian International Coffee Awards Presentation which will be held as a part of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in March 2017.

Results Catalogues, containing point scores for all exhibits will be mailed to all exhibitors after the Awards presentation.

What type of feedback do I receive? 
Your results pack will include information on how your exhibit was scored by the judges as well as feedback from the judging panel.
What happens if I win a medal?
Your results pack will contain the certificate for your medal-winning exhibit and a letter containing instructions on requesting the medal artwork from the AICA competition manager. Please note, your designers/printers will need to have suitable software to open the files.