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Classes & Criteria

Coffee roasters are able to submit entries into five categories.


  • Espresso, blend
  • Espresso, single origin


  • Cappuccino, blend


  • Cappuccino, Soy


  • Immersion, blend
  • Immersion, single origin
  • Pour Over, single origin


  • Cold Brew

A product needs to be entered into a class for it to proceed into competition. 

Each class has judging criteria against which the exhibits are assessed. The criteria vary across the different categories but they focus on the sensory aspects of coffee (eg. Taste, flavour, aroma, body, aftertaste.)

Entry Criteria

To be eligible for entry into the Australian International Coffee Awards entries must meet the following requirements: 

  • To be eligible for an AICA Trophy the Exhibit must be submitted by the Producer of the Exhibit entered. A brand owner or retailer may also enter an exhibit but ONLY if the Producer of the contracted product is listed. Trophy status will recognise the producer of the Exhibit on behalf of the retailer or brand owner.
  • The product being entered is a commercially available product
  • All entries should be as per a normal production run
  • There is a maximum of 5 entries per class permitted
  • Any individual product can only be entered once into the Australian International Coffee Awards
  • A coffee can be entered into multiple categories where there is a different brew type (Espresso, Milk Based or Filter). 

Third Party Manufacturing

To be eligible for an Australian International Coffee Awards trophy the Exhibit can be submitted by either the Roaster or the retailer/brand owner who has had the product roasted under contract.

Both the Roaster and the brand owner or retailer will be recognised in all official announcements of results by RASV, including announcements of class results and in the results catalogue. 

When a trophy is awarded to an Exhibit which has been produced under contract, the Trophy will recognize the roaster first and then the retailer or the brand owner.

For detailed information refer to the section on ‘Third Party Manufacturing’ in the entry booklet.