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What We Do

RASV supports industry through promotion, education and celebration of agriculture including events such as the Royal Melbourne Show which provide industry with unique opportunities to build awareness and understanding of the importance of agriculture to every day life. The Royal Melbourne Show also provides industry particularly beef, dairy, sheep, and fleece with an important platform to benchmark and celebrate quality.
Other events RASV conducts to support industry include:
  • Australian International Beer Awards, Australia’s pre-eminent showcase of premium beer and brewing excellence in the Asia Pacific region
  • Royal Melbourne Wine Awards, the celebration of excellence in Australian winemaking and one of the nation’s most respected wine shows
  • Australian Food Awards, Australia's leading premium food awards program
Each of these events celebrate product quality, encourage taste and trial, and act as a unique platform for industry promotion and education.
Furthermore, in joint venture, RASV is responsible for the management of Melbourne Showgrounds, where the organisation's administration office is located.
RASV is committed to growing membership, who help support Victorian agriculture and provides great value to members. You are invited to be part of the future of agriculture and join us in our pursuit to improve the quality and increase demand for Victorian agricultural produce.